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World Water Quilt 2024

This is a global community initiative to raise awareness and support for our waters, rivers and waterways. Our goal is to create a meaningful quilt incorporating the works of artists, poets, fabric artists and photographers which celebrate our waters oceans and rivers.

We still need more work to complete this, so we are presenting what we have already received to celebrate: 

World Water Day

March 22, 2024

Artists, Poets, Fabric Artists, Photographers
We hope that seeing the quilt design and 
the works of art, poetry, fabric art and  photography from all over the world, will    inspire you to join in this project which     celebrates and honors the Earth's waters.

 Request information for joining at,
Your art can help bring this quilt to life.
J Kong - Last dance_18x18.jpg
J. Kong  (China) "Last Dance"

World Water Quilt 2024
Art, Poetry, Fabric Art, Photography

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