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Ma Ganga River Project Archive

Below are links to the research and resources compiled by the team of the Ma Ganga River Project.

These focus on research on the Ganges River in India (challenges such as groundwater depletion

and irrigation) as well as reports and infographics on water conservation practices, and indigenous

practices, including an interactive map of projects throughout the Ganges River Basin! 

River Restoration Basics

Learn about the basic values and facts pertaining to river restoration and conservation. 

Challenges of the Ganges River Basin

See below for research pages regarding the particular challenges seen in protecting the Ganges River, ranging from farming, groundwater depletion, sewage, and industrial waste. 

Groundwater Depletion
Women's Rights and Water


See below for indigenous practices that have long helped the Ganges River remain protected and healthy, and the highlight of communities that live in harmony with the waters and use it for their daily lives. Additionally, see a larger list of practical solutions that can be implemented in households to conserve water and filter it through accessible, cost-effective solutions. 

Indigenous Practices

Practical Solutions

Interactive Map

Below visualizes an interactive map of the Ma Ganga River, including the various regions and states it crosses. This map was developed to highlight the various projects that are in progress throughout the regions to protect and preserve Ma Ganga, and to bring to light the communities that are dedicated to environmental protection and justice in India.


Map of the Ganges River in India   

Credit: BBC       

Learn About the Inspiration and Beginnings of the
Ma Ganga River Project 

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