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Urine and Feces as Fertilizer 

Using human waste as fertilizer is an accessible way to reuse waste while also serving as fertilizer. Below are tips on how to collect and apply urine/feces as fertilizer for your crops. 


*Warning! It is important to wear personal protective equipment when handling urine or feces, as they can carry disease. This may include gloves and/or a mask. Below are tips on using urine/feces as fertilizer. 

Using Urine: 

  • First, collect the sample of urine (either in a container or from a UDDP if there is one in the home)

  • You can choose to leave urine to sit in a closed container for about 2 weeks to protect against pathogens 

  • Once you are ready to use the urine, dilute it with water with a ratio of 2:1 (2 parts water, 1 part urine)

  • The leftover solids from evaporated urine can also be used as fertilizer 

  • If evaporating urine, deposit it in a flat, metal receptacle outdoors in direct sunlight

  • When applying the urine to the plants, do not apply them to any edible parts of a plant but rather apply the urine on the soil directly, near the base of the plant


Using Feces: 

  • Feces may be used as fertilizer in any form, but it is easiest to handle safely if dried

  • Drying will also reduce odor, so it is optimal for those near others or homes

  • You can dry feces with sawdust or sand before applying it to the soil




Webpage written by: Tehreem Qureshi

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