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ICredit: Gabor Adonyi

The World Water Quilt 2024 Project

Welcome to the World Water Quilt 2024 project, a global community initiative

to raise awareness and support for our waters, rivers and waterways.

Our goal is to create a meaningful quilt celebrating

clean water and healthy, vibrant oceans and rivers.

Each quilt piece will be created by artists/quilters/photographers/poets from around the world,

illustrating their relationship with water and rivers in their lives. 

The quilt will be presented to the United Nations on World Water Day 2024

and will then travel and be shared around the world.

The World Water Quilt 2024 Book


The book speaks about water and the purpose of the quilt.

It will display the artist's/photographer's work or poet's words, along

with their short bios, statements, online links and number on the quilt.

It will provide English translations for any other language poems.

It will list all the quilters (individuals, quilt groups, quilt clubs).

It will list the volunteers who help make this project possible. 

It will feature the sponsors who support the project,

along with display of the logos of the sponsors and collaborators.

There will be a diagram of the quilt with numbers for each piece,

so the reader can easily connect the work on the quilt with the contributor.


Artists, Quilters, Fabric Artists, 
Photographers, Poets, and
Quilting Clubs/Groups/Individuals

We invite Artists, Quilters/Fabric artists, Photographers and Poets from around the world

to submit their work and words (in their native language).

We welcome your art, words, and vision to the World Water Quilt 2024 project.

You can make a positive impact on the environment.

(Note: Quilting Clubs/Groups/Individuals, please use the 2nd Registration form)

Sponsors Can Join World Water Quilt Project


with Artists for Peace  

and Artsee  
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