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River Restoration Basics

Trees From Above

 Credit: Wix

Healthy River 

A healthy river is measured by:

* The  flow of the river

* The clarity of its waters

* The levels of oxygen

* The diversity of the life within it

* The balance of that diversity

* The stability of its banks

* The healthy riparian vegetation that

   support the river banks as well as the

   biodiversity within the river's waters..

* The health of the land, soil and

   vegetation of the river basin

* The harmonious interaction between

  the communities and the river


The River's health is challenged by:

* Blockage to the flow, such as dams

* Depletion to the flow, such as water

diverted for irrigation

* Dams and irrigation systems that prevent the natural movement of biological life

* Sewage going into the river, not properly processed, causing harm to people and to the biodiversity of the river system

* Industrial waste dumping into the river

* Plastic and garbage that's thrown into or ends up  in the river

* Farming methods that waste water, and use toxic fertilizers and pesticides that end up in the river through runoff

* Erosion of river banks through lack of

riparian vegetation


 Credit: Wix

Children Cleaning Beach

 Credit: Wix


Ways to help restore the health of rivers:

* Mitigate or remove blocks to the river's flow

* Monitor the clarity of its waters

* Monitor the levels of oxygen

* Monitor the diversity of the life within it

and the balance of that diversity

* Establish and maintain the stability of its banks and support of riparian vegetation

* Assess and mitigate the impacts of people and land within the river basin, runoff from farmlands, and erosion of the river banks

* Educate people on their impact on rivers and how they can help keep rivers clean

* Develop a harmonious interaction between the communities and the river

* Use best practices water management 

* Control the toxic input and impact of

industrial waste going into the river

 Webpage written by Ayo Oum Shanti

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