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World Water Quilt 2024
Project Community

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Quilt Design

This will be a circle quilt with 5 radiating panels
(each in a different shade of blue)
to represent the 5 oceans of the world.

There will be 7 circles radiating outward
to represent the 7 continents of the world.
These will start at the center with the logo for the quilt project,
and end with the outer circle of logos of organizations
involved in cleaning, healing, and protecting our waters,
including through the arts, education, and community involvement.

The 5 circles between the center and outer circle
will be for the submitted art, fabric art, photography, and poetry.
Each submission will be printed on fabric and then
appliquéd to one of the pieces within a panel so each piece
will stand out as a unique individual creation 
(surrounded by blue fabric) while still being connected
with all others by the blue throughout the quilt. 

Each submission must fit within an 18"x18" square,
but can be any shape that fits within those dimensions.
With the possible (but not required) exception of fabric art,
all other submissions will be photographs of the work
(including fabric art - artist will choose to send original or photo)
and photos must be in JPEG format in at least 150 ppi

Poetry will be submitted in PDF format in native language,
plus stating the author's country and language
(and preferably with a translation in English).

Poet may choose to have their words on
a color, photo, 
or pattern background.

We do ask that all images and words be respectful
of all peoples of this Earth. Thank you.

Artists, Fabric Artists, Photographers, Poets, Quilters
Please send all questions and concerns to
(and put "Re: Quilt" in the subject line)
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